Why Nodarus?

About Nodarus

I am Arman, knows& popular as Nodarus.
Nice to meet you ,
I will explain a little about my work process and my goal:

Why Nodarus? The lexical abbreviation Nodarus goes back to nude, desnuda, fkk
Since traveling to Spain and Cap d Agde, I have become acquainted with a different world of the naked, and the only thing that has attracted my attention is the unification of human beings, in which there is an atmosphere of honesty and straightforwardness.
So I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right. First, I apologize to the good Spanish-speaking people.
I have loved being different since I was a child and my goal is to create a different atmosphere in reggeton style and I pay more attention to ambient music than just picking kick, snare and…
And I also see in myself if I have more possibilities in terms of the studio, mogg
I have the ability to do better
So far, I have made more than 15 tracks, most of which I have sung vuelve music with my good colleague Dj rafy ft.
And the next music that is in Spotify
Red & blue
I sang with dear Gali But unfortunately my music does not know why it is not in the play list spotify and it is strange for me and my sponsor!
Now with the cooperation and help of my dear friend and manager
Amir known as cashes is making new music
Afrahouse & arabic Ritm
I can boldly say that I have not heard in Latin rhythm until now
Both the song and the ambient music are really different,
And finally, music in my opinion: it is a voice in itself to unite people regardless of race, nationality, position
And I want happiness and a positive energy for the health of the souls of all human beings on the planet. And that I thank all the people and the radio… and my sponsor ivy queen for accepting my time
Due to the fact that I take the time, despite the limited facilities of my country, I can convey my ideas and voices to dear people of all nationalities.
Thank you 🙏

Arman Rostamian


About Arman

Tehran-born, Barcelona based singer and producer Arman Rostamian AKA Nudaros, has started his journey from a land where music is surpassed and censored. With no holding back, he continuously worked on his musics and productions and constantly refining, striving for perfection and working tirelessly to become a master of his craft.

After years of production and hard work with unstoppable growth, Nudaros found his path through a major record deal with IVY Musa Sound Corp which led to a solo EP named “Baila Conmigo” and some successful single tracks.

Continued praise and his incredible hard work has allowed him to signed with RCA Recording and collaborate with some of the most respected artists in the scene. As a result of that, he started collaborating with Rafi, Vigano, Lia and arissa.

With plenty of new music including some collaborations on the horizon, Nudaros has clearly just begun to make his mark on Pop, Reggaeton Afro house musics.